background image with abstract geometric shapes

Make models
faster, smarter,

Take the pain out of model creation. Geolumina's NVZN system is designed for you: organize, label, create models, repeat.
NVZN viewer example showing multicolored points displayed in a 3D space representing images

Stop searching, start seeing

Example of NVZN viewer with core images highlighted
Visually organized
Visual organization makes working with large datasets easy.

Inspect, dissect, and label en masse.

For example, take this highlighted group of core images. Split them by layout, facies, and features in no time at all.
Example of NVZN viewer showing modal of core box with core plugs and depths labeled
Quickly manage
Images can be pre-labeled with your choice of image model and natural language processing during ingestion.

NVZN allows you to select single images or a group of images and add or remove labels, making generation of new training data a snap.


Our technology is built on proven, secure technology and is ready to connect to your setup
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