background image with abstract geometric shapes

Do more
With less

Optimize digital asset management.
Capture and scale insight from your team.
seismic graph
thin section
well log header
rock core box with depth labels
satellite map with artificial colors
plot of chemical data with colored geometric shapes
SEM of foram fossils
typewritten card with well information
colored map

Stop searching, start seeing

Example of NVZN viewer
Find any image, anywhere
NVZN will find and extract images from anywhere on your system with no work from your team.

Prebuilt AI is domain-specific and ready to go to work.

Enhancing discoverability and operationalizing insight.
Example of NVZN viewer with Seismic images labeled
Visually organized
Images are displayed in 3D space, organized by visual similarity making it simple to keep track of all your assets.

Explore by asset, user, project, contractor, business unit, or any metric you choose.

Regardless of how you are structured, easily gain insight and track progress at a glance.
NVZN viewer image showing very similar images grouped together
Optimize digital storage
Pull valuable insights out of volatile file types and dynamic storage. Store them safely in resilient digital architecture.

Optimize your digital storage costs by finding and removing duplicate assets while being assured  you have saved all valuable content.



Our technology is built on proven, secure technology and is ready to connect to your setup
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